Tristan’s Climb to Greatness

From battling a rank of ATP #500 to the brink of greatness, Tristan Mccormick’s resilience and determination are the beating heart of this incredible story. This isn’t just a story of a tennis player; it’s a celebration of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence that leaves an indelible mark on the world of tennis. Tristan’s story began when he was young, his love for tennis intensified as he started to compete and perform well. During his 13-14 years, he began to train with the ES Academy.

He embarked on a journey of competition and training at a high level. After his junior competition years, he decided to transition and embrace the college level. During this time, he excelled at one of the top schools in the country, Notre Dame, and completed his last year of eligibility at the University of Georgia.

During the interview with Emilio Sanchez, the CEO of the Emilio Sanchez Academy, he asked;

“So, you decided to jump into your dream of playing professionally after that?”

Tristan responded; I never lost sight of that dream. I was already on the tour got to 356 and broke my foot at the end of July, which kept me out for four or five months. I have been rehabbing since then, and it caused a drop in my ranking. However, I now feel great and view that injury as a positive thing. I believe it happened for a reason.

“What is the biggest difference between college and the pro tour?”

During the college years, many things are taken care of for you. You have 10 different teammates for practicing, a set schedule of practices, and everything is paid and organized for you during travel. Your job is to show up, play, and perform at your best. Once you transition to the Pro tour, numerous challenges arise. You have more responsibilities, such as ensuring you get enough sleep and managing your practice schedules. It’s like transitioning to the real world; you go from everything being fun and games to taking more personal responsibility. You have to take care of yourself and approach things with a higher level of professionalism.

“So, if you have to introduce yourself and tell people who you are, how would you define yourself?”

My biggest strength is my desire to improve and the aspiration to achieve greatness; I would say that’s my greatest asset, and it influences how I approach every day. Regarding my game, I feel that since working with you, Emilio, I have significantly improved in understanding my identity. I am sharpening my tools and becoming a more complete player. My next steps involve getting back out there, choosing a path of tournaments, and being ready to compete. Every time I envision my comeback, I get a butterfly feeling.

“You had the chance to play with Brandon Nakashima (ATP#134, career high #43). What are your thoughts and feelings so far about this experience?”

The experience of playing with such a top guy like him – well, first, he is a great tennis player. He excels in many aspects, and when you’re not locked in and moving your feet, he’s going to back you up. But week by week, I have been getting more used to the speed of the ball and his rhythm. His intensity makes me appreciate every minute of every practice because he is a top player. With that intensity and his professionalism, he is an inspiration to me. Seeing how he works and understanding what it takes to be a top player is invaluable.

Check out the full interview below featuring the story of Tristan McCormick, currently ranked ATP #743, as he strives to make it to the top!

By Emilio Sanchez CEO of the Emilio Sanchez academy & Tristan Mccormick ATP Tennis player.

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