What does altitude training do for tennis players?

From the Sanchez-Casal Academy we organized a pre-season stage in altitude with the advanced level players to try to achieve mainly three goals: The enhancement of physical conditioning level; The impact on the emotional and mental aspects of each tennis player; The socio-affective implication that results of the coexistence of a group of tennis players during a certain amount of time.
This special training context gives us the unique opportunity to pose complex challenges to overcome and remove players from their comfort zone. Do you want to read about our experience?

An aquatic environment: one more resource for the athlete’s recovery

All athletes should know about and appreciate the importance of recovery after practising sport. With recovery exercises, we try to avoid injuries and predispose the athlete mentally and physically for better performance in their next training session.
This concept becomes even more relevant in situations of continuous training or competition. During these periods of prolonged physical activity, the Sports Science Department of the Sánchez-Casal Academy includes daily exercise in an aquatic environment to aid in recovery, specifically in shallow pools.