Back-to-back Women’s PRO Tour to start 2024

We find ourselves in the quarterfinal round of this empowering Germain BMW of Naples ITF World Tennis Tour Women’s $25k by the ES Academy. This week has been nothing short of exhilarating, with fierce matches pushing players to their limits, some extending to a remarkable three hours on the third set. As the courts buzz with intensity, emerging talents and seasoned players alike have left an indelible mark on this prestigious tournament, setting the stage for a two-week celebration of women’s power in tennis.

Louisa Chirico is poised to showcase her tennis skills. The formidable number 1 seed from the United States, world-ranked #261, advanced to the quarterfinals after a tough three-set match against Pieri, who emerged from the qualifying rounds. As they vie for a spot in the semifinals, spectators can anticipate an exhilarating and empowering clash between two athletes at the zenith of their game, each determined to leave an indomitable mark on the tournament.

Throughout the week, ES Academy athletes Fernanda Naves, Sophia Cisse and Cookie Jarvis have added an extra layer of dynamism to the competition, stepping into their first pro matches with remarkable skill and tenacity. This two-week back-to-back opportunity for players striving to break into the top 100 serves as a powerful testament to the immense talent and drive within the women’s tennis community. It’s a celebration of their journey, and everyone should rally behind these opportunities, recognizing the incredible talent that graces the courts.

Marie Benoit, ranked 265 in the world, brings her seasoned experience to the competition, showcasing a strategic defensive game and mental strength that resonates with the unstoppable force of women in sports. Her pursuit of a coveted spot among the top 100 embodies the unwavering determination that defines women’s power in tennis.

As we progress through the tournament, don’t forget about the semifinals and finals – all free to come watch! The climax arrives on Sunday January 14th around 10:30 am with the singles finals, providing a captivating spectacle for all. Looking ahead, the anticipation builds as next week’s $25k pro tournament takes center stage, featuring the dynamic United States player Robin Montgomery as the first seed and world number 191. This two-week extravaganza is a remarkable way to kick off 2024, a celebration of women’s power, resilience, and skill on the tennis court.

Let’s extend our gratitude to the sponsors who make it all possible: Germain BMW of Naples, Better Balance, Waterdrop, HEAD Tennis, and the organizations orchestrating the ITF World Tennis events. Additional thanks to Naples Marco Island Everglades, USTA Pro Circuit, and the onsite physio/doctors team from Orthocollier. Major appreciation goes to Emilio Sanchez, CEO of the ES Academy, for his significant role in nurturing the future stars of women’s tennis. This is a moment to celebrate, support, and champion the remarkable women shaping the tennis landscape as we kick off a powerful and inspiring 2024.

By the marketing department of the ES Florida,

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