It all starts with them

It all starts with them, at such a young age the families of our student-athletes decide to join the academy. The time of their stay at the Emilio Sanchez Academy goes by so fast, and for a young athlete is not easy.

This blog is different than the rest, this blog is about us, our small family, our place of opportunities, our professionals, and most importantly, our student-athletes. 

We call ourselves a small family because we really are, here we know our student’s goals, we know their favorite hobbies, and we also know our athlete’s preferences, their favorite songs, and even their favorite food. We understand their emotional stages. Us as professionals we see this place as our second home, a place where we care about these students as if they were our kids. A place where we can make sure they are happy, they are safe, and where they can fulfill their goals.

There will be some days where we get tired, some days where we get upset or we have to have long talks with the athletes to make them see the right pathway but this is how families are. The young ones have lots of energy, some days they get upset, some days they want to be trouble makers and some days they are just tired. This academy is demanding, they train a minimum of 3 hours a day plus hours of fitness and they go to school for the rest of the day. Neither a student from 12 nor from 18 can give 100% every day, there will be better and worst days but this is the reason why we are here, to bring them up, and to get to the best they can do with motivation, effort, enthusiasm, and passion.  

Each one of our athletes is placed in a group with 2 captains, those captains are his/her tutors, one a member of our coaching staff, a professional certified under our tennis system, with professional background in his/her field. The other tutor is one of our teachers, a member of our private school, and they have great experience and countless degrees in their field. Let’s not forget that all of our student-athletes that are boarding with us have their house guardian. That person automatically becomes the third tutor as he/she is responsible for the wellbeing of the kid. These 3 are just their main tutors but believe me, once the kids meet all the staff members they create a connection so strong with everyone that they forget their families are not here because as I have been telling you, we all are their families here. 

For that reason, we want you to bring your young student-athlete so we can help him/her achieve their goals and get their tennis/school to the next level. We are giving you the opportunity to do so with this help during the Black Friday sale to book your program of choice next to us, next to our ES Staff, and next to our ES Family. 

Lastly, we want you to check out this video that collects connections and memories that our staff wants you to see to show you how special your kids are to us.


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