All wrapped up


As the students prepare for the winter break, the academy prepares for a new season full of opportunities for new and returning students. Place for many, and family for most, our academy is preparing for another closing of the year with many memories and experiences that will remain around the hallways.

Rewinding all the moments, which one is the one we keep the most for this Christmas? All of them. From the younger boys being the most active at the boarding houses, running around with the highest energy of them all to the younger girls being the sweetest, polite as always stepping up to show their potential to the older boys who show their desire to eat the world, to fight for every point on the court to the oldest girls dedicated as no one else, giving their best on and off the court, achieving great things at important tournaments and developing great academic scores.

Our tennis academy has many different nationalities together coming from all over the world. Starting from Spain, Italy, USA, Honduras, Czech, Mexico, Canada, China, Singapore, France, Brasil & Costa Rica. During their stay here they get the opportunity to develop relations with different people who might not have the same perspective of the world as them. But, they are able to learn every day how to be open-minded and see the world in different ways.

Christmas is about family, giving, feeling love, and magic. We feel fulfilled because we have created an ES Family that goes beyond tennis, and that’s what we call magic. We feel like we gave our best and brought all of our love to this ES family to be able to grow.

This Christmas and winter break we want to wish all the junior athletes the best of luck in their tennis, in their education, and in their life. Remind them that they are all unique and important and to take life as a journey where they get to learn many different things that will help them become the best version of themselves. Our doors will always be open to growing together as student-athletes.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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