25 Years of growth, passion, and success: A Journey with Emilio Sanchez Academy

This year marks a significant milestone for us – our 25th Anniversary, which commemorates the beginning of the first Emilio Sanchez Academy in Barcelona, Spain.

Together with the rest of the ES Marketing team, we held an initial meeting to discuss our plan of action for this 25th anniversary – a plan that would showcase a celebration of 25 years. Initially, our focus was on revisiting past experiences, moments of triumph, and the small steps that brought us to this point.

However, after several meetings and deep reflections, we came up with the fundamental question: “What truly defines our success?” The answer became clear – “Our student-athletes.” They serve as the driving force behind our achievements, embracing the success of our training methods and our excellent academic development. Every year, we have the opportunity to open the doors to fresh faces filled with excitement and dreams. Throughout their stay, these athletes not only excel on the court or in school but also undergo a transformative journey, developing into independent leaders who embody our values of respect, effort, and discipline.

Our academy is more than a training ground; it’s a family-oriented community. We have a group of dedicated staff that prioritizes the care and development of our student-athletes. Our commitment extends beyond sports, aiming to shape these individuals into well-rounded scholars, athletes, and, above all, exemplary members of society.

Together, we have been part of many great moments: witnessing many student-athletes successfully entering a college journey; junior athletes achieving milestones at Grand Slam juniors; the opening of a new academy & school in Florida and a tennis academy in Dubai; organizing more than 20 tournaments per year, including a challenger per site and top pros exhibition events; coaches obtaining certifications under our system; special visits from sports icon Arantxa offering valuable advice to the younger generation; hosting a group of winter college athletes from prestigious schools & Tennis pros. We also navigated through a world pandemic and weathered two hurricanes with categories 4 and 5, making us stronger even in moments of adversity.

In all these moments, what truly made the difference was the remarkable resilience of our athletes, the dedication of our staff, and, in general, the supportive family environment we have fostered.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we continue to embrace our mission of providing opportunities in tennis, education, and life.

We invite you to join us in commemorating 25 years of passion, growth, and success! Throughout this year, we will be sharing with you 25 success stories of athletes who have embarked on their journey at the ES Academy.

We hope you enjoy reading these amazing cases, as many more stories like theirs will unfold, and yours could be the next one.

By all the staff of the Emilio Sanchez Academy,

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